Felt Pen

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Queerphoria, Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst


This Painting is inspired by a meditation of the filmmaker Ceikaiyia Cheeks, within the Queerzenmeditation in New York, USA. An explosion of colors that shows the abundant force. With her use of imagination and humor, […]

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Am Grund des Meeres von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

At the bottom of the sea

I created this work after seeing a fascinating documentary about sharks. They are considered monsters in several horror films. Many sharks are killed by humans, often under the excuse that it’s for scientific purposes or […]

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F is a vizsla. He’s young, full of life, and right in the middle of puberty. His expression of strength and delight when playing with my dog is impressive, likewise his calmness and inner […]

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Diamond Forest

This work was inspired by a science fiction novel that I read as a teenager. It tells a story about a world, in which trees begin to sparkle (probably by a virus), but at the […]

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Shades of Red

After going through ups and downs for two years – from raising a little puppy to the terminal care of my wife – I found myself right in the madness of bureaucracy. I used various […]

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Jahr des Drachen von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Year of The Dragon

1. Winter It rains and snows on a bleak, hilly landscape. Stars fall from the sky. Is this a positive sign for the new year or does it point to an upcoming calamity? What is […]

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Dante’s Inferno

Those who dare to dive deep into the depths of the soul or – as Dante – to the depths of hell could burn themselves. It’s a difficult journey. Can it be successful? […]

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CSI Miami

Inspired by the opening credits of the TV show with the same name, starring the coolest investigator on earth: Lieutenant Horatio Caine, aka David Caruso […]

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In 2003, I was happy to be part of an international group of seven women. All were coming from scientific fields such as theology, philosophy, and anthropology. Together, we visited Myanmar for two weeks, just […]