At the bottom of the sea

Am Grund des Meeres von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

I created this work after seeing a fascinating documentary about sharks. They are considered monsters in several horror films. Many sharks are killed by humans, often under the excuse that it’s for scientific purposes or because humans needed shark-fin soup. The fact that sharks are caught, have their dorsal fin cut off cruelly, and get helplessly dumped back into the sea like garbage afterward, does not matter to the catchers. Eventually, they receive money for it.
The sharks die such a cruel death. Who is the monster there?

One day, I hope to dive with sharks like #oceanramsey, preferably a great white shark.
When viewed from below, they look white. The black dorsal fin is not visible. It’s impressive and calming when they glide smoothly and relaxed through the water.

2020, Felt Pen on Paper, 29,5×18,5 cm