F is a vizsla. He’s young, full of life, and right in the middle of puberty. His expression of strength and delight when playing with my dog is impressive, likewise his calmness and inner tranquility. I was immediately hooked by his short orange-brown hair and the bright look in his eyes.

2020, Watercolor on Red Paper, 21×29.5 cm

– no longer available –


My Doberwoman, two years old while getting the dog owner’s certificate

2017, colored pencil on paper, 18,5×29,5 cm

Chilling on a pillow

My doberwoman as a puppy

2015, felt pens on paper, 18,5×29,5 cm

Too Hot…

A summer day. You wouldn’t have to lie in the blazing sun, it’s far too hot – but getting up? It’s also too hot for that. Besides, it’s sooo nice to lie outside.

2016, felt pens on paper,, 30×21 cm 

Do not disturb! Dober is sleeping.

“On the blanket, the big, red blanket, the dober sleeps tonight.”
To paraphrase “In the jungle…”
Doberwomen are very active, mine is also very sensitive. At times it is not easy. Otherwise it would be boring. But when she sleeps, like a little package, curled up, everyone melts away.

2021, Acrylic on canvas, 30×40 cm