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Supermassive black holes

This painting was created from two old, rusty circular saw blades that someone had thrown away, canvas, plaster bandages and acrylic paint. The dynamic of the circular saw blades, which were glued to the canvas […]

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Who´s the Monster?

Great white sharks or sharks are generally seen as people-eaters or at least as highly dangerous monsters. Yet the shark is essential to the ecology of the oceans. However, the real monster is the human […]

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Exploring New Worlds

Space has always sparked the imagination, not only in science fiction, but also in astronomy and astrophysics. Without the desire and imagination to explain and understand the inexplicable, new answers and new questions would not […]

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Painting by Dr. Wurst

Supernova – Black Hole

This picture shows an exploding supernova and the formation of a black hole. The black hole will devour all matter that is nearby. There is no escape. But what is hiding on the other side? […]

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Brains, Galaxies, Dimensions and Universe(s)

Our brain is a wonderful development. Billions of neurons send information via synapses and permanently process this information, consciously and unconsciously. The structure of the brain shows similarities with the network of the universe. Everything […]

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On the Path

I like to go barefoot or in “toe shoes”. I had kept the cardboard with which the “toe shoes” arrived.Since I have been engaging with Buddhism even before my dissertation, the title for this work […]

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The Power of They, XI: Being in Movement

Self-care through meditation and Qi Gong is a daily practice that is important for dealing with life’s challenges in a relaxed manner. Qi Gong as meditation in motion can reduce daily stress. The positive effect […]

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Acrylic Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Nightmare In The Mor

When you walk through the moor, the fog wavering, and you hear the smacking of the ground with every step, the ground only unwillingly releases your foot with every step. With every groaning of a […]

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Fog in the Moor

Inspired by: In the Fog (Hermann Hesse, written 1905, published 1908) Strange, wandering in the fog! Lonely is each bush and stone, no tree sees each other, each one is alone. Full of friends has […]

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Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst


Inspired by the music of Kie. and his guitar sounds, this psychedelic painting was created. Syringes were used to apply the various bright colors to the canvas, as well as brushes in various sizes. 2022, […]