Year of The Dragon

Jahr des Drachen von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

1. Winter

It rains and snows on a bleak, hilly landscape. Stars fall from the sky. Is this a positive sign for the new year or does it point to an upcoming calamity? What is winding down the mountain in the foreground? A river? A snake, a dragon? What will the future hold? Nothing is certain…

2018, Drawing on pink Paper, 35×25 cm

2. Hole

A lake appeared in the foreground of the hilly landscape with a water dragon in it. A sign of renewal, a sign of misfortune? Everything is in a state of flux. Nothing is certain. The old pink of the first picture has become a dirty, light gray, slightly orange background. As if the cold is increasing along with the insecurity.

2018, Drawing on pink Paper, 29,5×21 cm

3. Battle of the dragons

This work is a paper cut on black and gray cardboard paper, made of red and yellow cardboard paper, collage-like, which was refined with a black felt pen.

2018, Collage, Paper Cut, and Black Felt Pen, 25×35 cm

4. The last dragon

This work is a paper cut with cardboard paper in three different colors. For refinement, I added a black felt pen. The flying big dragon spits fire. He survived the battle.
The dragon series was inspired by images of Chinese dragons, but also by fantasy books and movies, such as “Lord of the Rings” by J. R. R. Tolkien.

2018, Paper Cut and black Felt Pen, 25×35 cm