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Buddha on the Monastery Roof

These five roof tiles come from a Christian monastery or, more precisely: a Cistercian monastery . During a vacation with my parents in Bad Herrenalb (Black Forest) – I was still a child -, we passed […]

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Wall Painting: VW Beetle

This painting (as well as the work ‘Bark Beetle‘) shows that I am a fan of VW Beetles. This Beetle can swim through waves, just like ‘Herbie’. I envisioned having fully working Beetle-headlights that blend […]

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Yoda, known from George Lucas’s science fiction movie Star Wars, is a Jedi, a fighter, and a philosopher. In his unique way of speaking, he shares his wisdom.My technique of teaching and coaching is likewise […]

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Wall Painting: Rainbow

The rainbow has many meanings. This meteorological phenomenon has fascinated humans everywhere on earth since early times and is caused by the refraction of sunlight in raindrops. The rainbow symbolizes the divine covenant between God […]

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Shades of Red

After going through ups and downs for two years – from raising a little puppy to the terminal care of my wife – I found myself right in the madness of bureaucracy. I used various […]

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Der wei├če Hai, Zeichnung von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

The White Shark

On blue cardboard paper, we see a great white shark swimming in the sea, showing its impressive mouth. It’s drawn with colored pencils on a white square paper that corresponds with the blue rectangular.While sharks […]

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Jahr des Drachen von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Year of The Dragon

1. Winter It rains and snows on a bleak, hilly landscape. Stars fall from the sky. Is this a positive sign for the new year or does it point to an upcoming calamity? What is […]