Oil Paint

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This oil painting was inspired by friends who live in the USA, their stories and the pictures they showed me, but also by expressionist paintings. The vastness of the landscape, the water carving its way […]

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Painting by Dr. Wurst

Thunderstorm at the Cliff

Walking on the cliff is an adventure in any weather. However, when the sky darkens and a thunderstorm arrives, the waves begin to foam, then you should be careful and head back. But the fascination […]

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It’s coming

After decades of waiting, for what felt like eternities, Germany’s “Transsexuellengesetz” (Transsexual Act), is supposed to be finally dropped.The so-called self-determination law should then allow for an easier change of name according to gender identity. […]

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Again and again, there are news reports on TV that talk about raids against perpetrators and the closure or blocking of websites that show sexual abuse. However, the internet seems to be like an endless […]

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The 21 Taras

Tara is the protective deity of Tibet. At the same time, she is worshipped as a Buddha, an awakened being and also as the mother of all Buddhas, as well as a Bodhisattva, a person […]

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Inspired by Zoe Flowers and the guest lecture at https://www.loftgaycenter.org/calm_loft_meditation with the theme “Rising into your Individuality”, I sat down at the canvas that same night.Zoe’s energy and captivating story made it impossible to sleep: […]

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Waterfall 2

Inspired by a meditation held by Jeff Gurkin-Young (queerzenmeditation, LOFT, New York, US) I was drawn to the canvas. One piece of music stuck in my head as I reviewed the waterfall meditation. It took […]

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Queerphoria, Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst


This Painting is inspired by a meditation of the filmmaker Ceikaiyia Cheeks, within the Queerzenmeditation in New York, USA. An explosion of colors that shows the abundant force. With her use of imagination and humor, […]

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War, Abuse, Survival

Abuse, sexual abuse, is a war against children that takes place daily all over the world. Sometimes on the internet, sometimes in systems such as churches, temples (no religion is free of this), children’s homes […]

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I had a dream about a terrible and yet fascinating thunderstorm that devours everything with its terrible power, keyword: “climate catastrophe”.I woke up to it, and it drove me, despite the night hour, to the […]

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Oil Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst

The Power Of They, II.

Difficult and fascinating when we get to know people exclusively online, for example via Zoom. They is one of those people with so many facets that the face blurs when painted, revealing only one or […]