Inspired by Zoe Flowers and the guest lecture at with the theme “Rising into your Individuality”, I sat down at the canvas that same night.
Zoe’s energy and captivating story made it impossible to sleep: she made participants imagine putting their negativity into golden boxes which then melt into a great golden lake of lava.
She talked about self-care, about daily rituals, but at the same time wrapped this in that adventurous story. In the center there is a person who holds incense sticks in her hands and ritually cleanses the room with them. She dances, creating swirls around her that show her energy and dynamic. She appeared to me like a Tibetan Buddhist khandroma (Sanskrit: dakini), a celestial or divine being that dances through the sky, supporting those who follow her and protecting them from negativity.
Since Zoe uses tarot, she added symbols from the tarot to the image, such as the alchemist who dances through the universe like on a surfboard and playfully removes all obstacles with his magical abilities.
The whole image, the female figure covered with tattoos, never allows to give up, no matter how big any difficulties may be. She accepts every challenge with laughter.

2023, Oil and Lacquer Paint on Canvas, 50 x 70 cm