The Web

The journey will be endless through the black holes, which are radiating, colorful rainbow holes, connecting different universes, different dimensions of time and space.
It´s the web of the subatomic space, of which we hear in “Star Trek Discovery”, Science fiction, but why shouldn´t it be possible?
Inspired was the picture again by a meditation of James Young from Queerzenmeditation (New York, USA). It was said, that “it doesn´t matter, when your mind is wandering through the universe, but you should come back home then to your breath again.”
Zap! My Mind jumped through colorful glimmering rainbowholes to “where no one has gone before” (Star Trek – The Original Series): Rainbow strings which interconnect time and dimensions of the multiverse. And the idea of interconnectedness ist not only an idea of science, but also of philosophy, Buddhism, Tantra.
The work seemed endless, a daily meditation, and lasted the whole Pride Month. Then, finally the subatomic space of interconnected strings, which seemed a never ending project, was finally finished.

2022, Oil Paint, 50×70 cm