Sausage Screwed

Inspired by A. Tüxen (s. here) and his artwork a nailed or crucified slice of bread, I created “Sausage Screwed”.
Screwed, means here also screwed in the sense of f..cked, cheated, bullied, abused. It´s a cross, but nobody is crucified. Here someone or something is screwed with real screws: It´s a sausage. A sausage carved of wood. A sausage? Well, my family name is “Sausage” in English. As a child I suffered because of this name and kids were making fun of it and so of me. But Sausage, me, had also special or difficult experiences during my childhood…. So, screwed in different ways.
But I survived. And I am still alive, unbreakable, never giving up. And the Sausage cross is a sign for never giving up.

2022, Wood, Fabric/Ribbon, Oil Paint, Highlighter, 96×54 cm