Should – Could – Would – Do

Sollte - Hätte - Könnte - Würde - Machen

I used words that I cut out of the fabric of a T-Shirt that became too small to create this collage. I wrote questions in English, but from right to left, mirror-inverted.

People like to talk in the subjunctive. Not having to commit to anything is easier than tackling difficulties. So they twist and turn and avoid it.

Given the global climate catastrophe, politicians should not only commit themselves to possible goals in 20 years but do something NOW – together. But, worldwide, there is only empty talking. Nothing happens. We cannot survive like this. But the planet will have a new start after the end of humankind. The only thing that would still help would be to counteract immediately for a chance to survive.

To say it with Captain Picard from Star Trek – The Next Generation: “Make it so!”

2021, Collage and Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 50×70 cm