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Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst


When I once checked the meaning of my first name, I learned what a powerful, forceful name I got. The valkyrie is a warrior goddess, unstoppable, never giving up. No matter, what others think about her, […]

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Sunrise at the Beach

Lacquer colors are a celebration of diverse colors, like a sunrise that promises new hope for the new day. To experience the sunrise, the glitter of the water in all the colors of the rainbow, […]

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Aquarelll auf Seidenpapier

Hommage to G.

G. is one of the most colorful people I know. He is an artist and inspired me to create this painting through his meditation on the colors of the rainbow, the taste of fruits, etc. […]

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Trauma/Abuse – Buddhism – Therapy

The picture is a confrontation with sexual abuse. Whoever has experienced abuse has to live with it their whole life. Even if the former victim has dealt and worked with the abuse. Situations, smells, sounds, […]

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Scary Moor – Always in Motion…

“Always in motion the” moor “is”, changing a little bit the quote of Yoda from Star Wars about the future. A scary, fascinating, exciting, and challenging space, somehow like life itself. Inspired by a nature reserve walking […]

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Oil Painting on Paper, Artist: Dr. Rotraut Wurst


Inspired by a meditation by Zoe Flowers on the theme of “Reconnecting the Fragmented Pieces of Ourselves” this painting was originally created as a collage with various pieces of paper, not only different in shape […]

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Storm Surge

At the beginning of 2022, there was a storm surge in northern Germany again. My fence or privacy shield of straw mats was torn down several times by the strong wind and had to be […]

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The Century of the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a daily topic for more than two years. “The daily bread”: mandatory masks, lockdowns, homeschooling, home office, protests, corona deniers, vaccinations, depression, loneliness, violence, and, and, and… There seems to be […]

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Acrylic Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst


A person, sitting under a waterfall, meditates, surrounded by water and barely visible. The waterfall pours down on the meditating person, who bathes in it, and enjoys the bath in the cool water.In the visualization, […]

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Skylla und Charybdis

Scylla and Charybdis

Strange how an idea takes on a life of its own: the painting began with the memory of JRR Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and the threateningly blazing eye of Sauron emerging from the […]

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Take a deep breath and sail…

A meditation via zoom by James Young (queerzenmeditation, LOFT, New York, US) moved me to the canvas. The idea was to focus on the breath, forcing nothing, but to sail, like on the water between […]