Who´s the Monster?

Great white sharks or sharks are generally seen as people-eaters or at least as highly dangerous monsters. Yet the shark is essential to the ecology of the oceans. However, the real monster is the human being, who hunts sharks relentlessly, be it for shark fin soup, where sharks’ dorsal fins are cut off while they are still alive and they are thrown back into the water, where they die miserably, or for so-called research purposes, which are pretended, or “for fun”. Every year, 100 million sharks are killed in this way. 1 https://www.wwf.de/themen-projekte/bedrohte-tier-und-pflanzenarten/haie/hai-vom-jaeger-zum-gejagten
In contrast, there are 69 shark attacks. 2 2023, https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/shark-attacks/yearly-worldwide-summary/
Hence “Who’s the Monster?”

2024, lacquer paint and acrylic, collage elements, 30×30 cm