On the Path

I like to go barefoot or in “toe shoes”. I had kept the cardboard with which the “toe shoes” arrived.
Since I have been engaging with Buddhism even before my dissertation, the title for this work came up immediately: “On the path”. To achieve awakening from the cycle of existence, the so-called “enlightenment”, a person goes on the path taught by the Buddha two and a half thousand years ago.
This is connected with certain ethics, meditation and a view of the world full of compassion for all living beings, with whom everyone and everything is connected.
Especially today in the climate crisis, this idea makes sense. We only have one earth. Only together can we survive.
This is the path of the Buddha, or as it says in “Star Wars”, in “The Mandalorian”, “This is the way.”
That’s why in the picture the flowers are blooming in the middle of the sand.

2023, acrylic paints, belemnites, ammonites, dried plant parts, cardboard and plaster bandages, 50×70 cm
Either to hang on the wall or as a table decoration.