New Lotusses

New Lotusses, Wall Painting by Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Years ago, long before my wife died after two years of a horrible desease, she had painted these flowers on a wall of one of the rooms. This was inspired by Vasarely. When she had passed, I began to paint, too on each wall I found in the rooms I now lived alone.

Some bubbles or balls came up from the ground, as if lotusses liked to be born, when I began to paint. 

Now, before Christmas this year 2021, I thought, that I will not celebrate Christmas anymore. But what to do with the Christmas tree balls of my grandmother and great grandmother? So, instead of throwing them away as if they were rubbish, I thought I will use them for new pictures. Now these Christmas tree balls came into this Vasarely inspired picture of my deceased wife. In this way new lotusses are born, new beautiful flowers, like the ones I met on the 1st International Queer Buddhist Conference I had organized.