The three faces of the Doberdiva

Die 3 Gesichter der Doberdiva, Wasserfarbe auf Leinwand von Dr. Rotraut Wurst

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by animals, especially dogs. While attending university, someone broke into my home. The police prevented it just in time. But I no longer felt safe. That’s how I encountered my first (by coincidence) Doberwoman. Since then, I couldn’t live without them.

This time, it’s -again- a very special Doberwoman. A diva, intelligent, eccentric, determined, very individual. But incredibly lovable.

On the bottom left of the picture, we see a long, narrow, pointed muzzle. The Doberwoman is still young, probably just in puberty. She’s full of mischief. The yellow, radiant color around her muzzle demonstrates the joie de vivre that flows out from every pore. Just before she jumps over tables and benches, as if she was on fire, her whiskers stand out like those of a hedgehog. Then there’s no way of stopping her.

The background shows the grown-up, older Doberwoman, lying down relaxed, the front paws on each other, almost like meditating.

The main character is the adult Doberdiva, who is still full of energy. Sometimes attentive and highly intelligent, then highly sensitive or even anxious, all visible in her big dark eyes.

In wrong or aggressive hands, it would be dangerous. In loving hands, she’s still a strong-minded Doberdiva with a special character. But she’s also a wonderful companion, friendly and in need of love, and a professional co-coach who can take away people’s fears of dogs.

The expressive colors red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple to black underline all the different facets that a Doberwoman has. She’s just as colorful as a rainbow. It would be impossible to be without her.

2021, Watercolor on Canvas, 50×40 cm