The Two Sides of Him

2020 had more issues than a global pandemic. Numerous cases of sexual abuse of minors were revealed and discussed in the media. The police unveiled numerous cases and brought them to court after discovering photos and videos on the darknet/internet. Ultimately, the Department of Justice responded by tightening the law.

But then, why do people, especially children, allow others to manipulate them for years or even decades while covering their abusers? On the one hand, it’s certainly the fear of their abusers. On the other hand, there’s this difficult situation where the victims are abused and raped. A moment later, the abusers act kind and loving. How should a child know that such a terrifying and cruel situation is recurring? The crime gets suppressed because the abuser is often found in a close environment. 

2020, Diptych, Oil Paint on Canvas, each 25×30 cm