The Black Walnut Tree (Diptych)

The two pictures show the facets of a black walnut tree. It originates from the east of the USA and also grows in Texas. It is mixed-sex, so it has male and female flowers. The tree is poisonous to plants in its close reach as well as to parasites and fungi.

The first picture is a print on previously engraved glass, finished with a brush and watercolors.
The second picture is the same glass, but broken, then painted with watercolors and glued together with plaster bandages to form a new picture, keywords: “Kintsugi”, “Wabi Sabi”.

The diptych was inspired by a non-binary, gender-fluid person who identifies fluidly between male and female expressions. The distance the walnut tree has from other plants is one of the person’s characteristic traits. However, just as the walnut tree bears delicious fruit, this person is full of wonderful facets that make them lovable and simply “delicious”, like the walnuts of the black walnut tree.

Print on aquarelle paper: 23×31,5 cm
Picture of broken glass with plaster bandages: 30×40 cm.