Hommage to Them.

Hommage to Them, Acrylic Painting. Artist: Dr. Rotraut Wurst

I created this painting with its expressive colors because I was impressed by a person I know only virtually because of the pandemic. The goal was not a portrait or photograph but to capture all facets of this lotus (see the work lotus-lake), the entire rainbow, all pronouns in which the person sees themself, the power, humor, and calmness that they radiate. It’s doubtful whether recognition is possible because the picture created itself while painting. The whole family seemed to appear in the face: JJB, who supported my team and me so wonderfully at the conference, seemed to appear in this one face. And so, the adorable puppy could not be missing either.

The charisma, the expressiveness, the strength (“the Force” from “Star Wars”), that’s what this painting is all about. 

2021, Acrylic Paint, 30×40 cm